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Stephen McEvoy established Arakoon Homes in 1980. He’s been involved in the construction industry his whole life. Starting at an early age as an apprentice in Sydney, he’s worked his way through the ranks and began his own construction journey in the 70’s. Good old hard work, determination and skill has seen Arakoon Homes build over 2000’s houses since it’s inception. Each build is still personally initiated by Stephen and he remains available to customers during the entire construction timeline.

Financially secure and hugely experienced

When choosing a builder, it’s important to know they are financially able to not only complete your home, but also be around for many years afterwards. Rest assured, Stephen has built substantial financial security over the last 35 years. This guarantees you peace of mind. In addition, because of his immeasurable building experience, you can be sure of an outstanding high-quality result.


Building for the Future

Arakoon Homes take environmental and sustainability considerations seriously. It’s true to say that since the 70’s, major changes have occurred in energy efficiency and environmental impacts of building. Legislation and building regulations have evolved to create a more sustainable building process. As a result, Arakoon have embraced the needs for sustainable building. In fact, they ensure their building materials and methods go beyond the regulations. Arakoon Homes are building for the future.

Bespoke build or House and Land Packages

Arakoon Homes are one of the few independent local builders that are not Project Builders. They are true bespoke home builders able to provide exactly what you want without the restrictions of bulk buying and standardised plans. Talk to them if you already have a block, you’ll be surprised at their flexibility and skill in translating your dream to reality.
Our house and land packages, on the other hand, are the quickest and easiest way to own a new home. Furthermore, we have good quality inclusions and exciting features such as high raked ceilings as standard.

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